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To give you a flavour of my book Global Raider here is an extract from Chapter 2. Extracts will continue every Tuesday and Friday.

Extract from CHAPTER 2

Lisa slowed the Mercedes as it approached the flashing lights of a patrol car and a line of stationary traffic. She reached for her mobile.

“Medensky, where’s that situation report?”

“I’ve cleared you with County Office.” Medensky’s voice came back.

“Cleared us for what? God dammit.”

“Hope no one is hurt.” Juliet leaned forward, caressing the feline warmth of her new pet.

From out of the shadow a uniformed officer flickered a floodlight over the Mercedes’ licence plate and came round to Lisa, kneeling as she lowered the window.

“Miss Walsh?” he enquired.

“Who’s asking?” Lisa’s hand lay on the butt of her Glock automatic.

“Officer Mattlock. Been a bad smash ahead. Road won’t be cleared for an hour but we have a patrol car on the other side waiting to take you home.”

“Why us?” Juliet asked. “Other people are waiting.”

“Orders down from the County Sheriff’s office. You got powerful friends, Miss Walsh.”

Lisa hesitated on her call over the mobile. “What about the Mercedes?”

“We’ll look after it – deliver it back when the road’s open. Mind if I get in, show you forward?”

Lisa shook her head. “You mind handing me your gun?”

“I can’t do that, Ma’am.”

“Then you walk in front. Keep a distance, nice and steady so I don’t get nervous and run you over.”

For seconds the officer’s intended reply was plain on his face. Instead, he breathed deep and said. “Just follow me, Ma’am.”

Juliet clicked her tongue. “Now you’ve upset the nice policeman. Better be careful with your speeding.” She watched the officer move forward and start to pace with the unhurried gait of a funeral director.

Lisa kept the car a couple of metres behind.

“Rules for girls, big and small. Never take sweeties from a stranger and never let a stranger into your car. No matter what he’s dressed like.” She went back to the mobile. “Medensky, who did you speak with at County Sheriff’s?”

“Some guy up top named Driscoll.”

“You arranged some clearance with them?”

“No, they arranged it with me.”

“Medensky, stay on immediate response.” Lisa reached out and switched off the mobile. “Juliet, baby, put down the pussy cat and hold your call alarm. I’m hiking this situation to code red.”

“Oh, Lisa.” Juliet rolled her eyes. “They’re the police. People are hurt.”

“Do as nanny says, or nanny will get cross.”

Juliet winced in despair but hoisted the cat to her left shoulder, leaving her right hand free to grasp the gold alarm pull around her neck.

“Lisa, you’re over-reacting.”

“Over-reacting, nothing. I just saw a flea jump off that mangy creature. For Christ’s sakes, Juliet, until we’re clear, get smart and concentrate.”

Juliet looked from the safe luxury of the limousine to the lights of the stationary vehicles and their frustrated occupants. Once past the police car blocking the lead vehicle, the Mercedes traversed a blind bend and stayed in darkness until turning a second. Ahead, emergency vehicles and patrol cars formed a barrier beneath a single, portable floodlight. Beyond, an ambulance stood in readiness, its doors open, its interior a gleam of brilliant light. Lisa halted the Mercedes beside the officer. Juliet saw hunched figures, police or paramedics. The officer tapped her window, indicating for Lisa to release the central locking.

“You have to walk from here, ladies. Car’s on the other side.” He opened the door for Juliet. Lucas squirmed in her grasp, forcing her to let go the alarm while she tried to calm him. She saw Lisa lift the mobile from the dash and un-holster her Glock, holding the weapon at full drop as she left the Mercedes.

The close proximity of the car bonnets forced them to single file, squeezing them one by one through the gap, the officer first, Juliet behind and Lisa at the rear. The area had emptied of people. Juliet sensed the cat bristle, its nervous agitation triggering her own uncertainty. The tighter she held, the more the animal twisted until the slipperiness of its feline fur shot from her fingers. Momentarily, its paws touched onto a car bonnet, then it leapt through light for darkness beyond. At the apex of its leap, the explosive impact of a single shot pulped its body into a slick of flesh, blood and torn fur, the rear legs extended in flight before it fell to the roadside.

“Lucas.” Juliet’s voice screeched in her own ears, her chest tight with horror.   She twisted back to Lisa and heard her friend’s muffled shout as two men rammed a sack over Lisa’s head and shoulders; a third forced down her gun arm so the neck of the shroud was drawn tight about her waist. Juliet’s second scream was solitary.

Hooded figures appeared from nowhere, crossing the light like animated shadows. The next instant she was thrown bodily onto the ambulance floor, spinning round on her knees as a second shot racked open the night.   Before the door slammed shut, she saw Lisa’s body on the highway, her shrouded head in a pool of blood.

When a pair of arms circled and lifted from behind, Juliet reacted as taught. Allowing her body to go limp she let both arms upwards, slipping in her attacker’s grip, forcing him to bend and change his hold. In those brief seconds, her hand snatched at the gold cylinder secured around her neck. She knew the miniature transmitter sent an instant, but powerful signal to the house at Humarock and Walsh Towers in New York, then changed to a pulsed tracker transmission. The initial signal would be picked up by a dozen different receivers, activating computers which gave a combined cross-reading to locate her position to within three metres.

Juliet squirmed, kicked, punched and clawed as she was lifted onto a stretcher, arching and writhing her torso to prevent strong hands from strapping her down. Her screams were drowned by the wail of sirens while the ambulance turned in the road, its lights flashing past waiting traffic towards the freeway.

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