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The Witch’s Shadow, the 2nd in the Mind Traveller series, is available now from Amazon.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is the final extract from Chapter 2.

Extract from Chapter 2 

                “I’m only a Grade 4 Angel trying for Grade 3.  But if she leapt into parallel time she’s in Mind Space and Mind Space is dangerous. If you want the truth you’ll need to find it yourself.”  She shrugged.  “Sorry about that, but at least I can get a little assistance.”  From amongst the arrows in her sheath she produced a small, silver trumpet and leaning from the window blew a long, shrill note that carried far up the building.  Gradually the sound faded, replaced by the flutter of wings, the noise growing in volume as if a swirling flock of birds flew in formation.  When Rosie looked out, dozens of White Angels swooped and soared in double ranks, each ready with bow and arrow.

“The SAS, Special Angel Service.  Our barracks are just above.”  She took Rosie’s hand and stepped up onto the windowsill.

Rosie came beside her and looked at the portal of light giving entrance back into her own world, far, far below.  “I’m not sure about this,” she said and swallowed hard.

“In this world you either do or you do not.  Me and me mates will fight a rear-guard action.  You just fly like your life depends on it, because it does.”  She nodded and leapt into space, dragging Rosie behind.  For seconds both flew side by side, then Elissa drew her sword and swept overhead.

Rosie deltered her arms, the wind buffeting her face and hair, tearing at her clothes as she swallow dived towards the light.  At first she heard only her own scream, then a loud, sucking noise as billowing dark shadows emerged from the surrounding void.  All at once the angels were shouting and white arrows darted through the air, embedding into the undulating shapes of scrowlers who threw long, sucking tentacles to snatch at their victims.  She heard Elissa slashing with her sword and then the shouts of her comrades as they became locked in combat.  Next moment something gooey wrapped around Rosie’s waist and yanked her off course.

“Elissa,” Rosie yelled, unable to stop herself being lifted towards a gaping mouth.  Powerless she hammered her fists against the tentacle whose suckers pulled at her clothes.  From under the shadow appeared a face, a hideous crone with glaring eyes and twisted nose.  For seconds Rosie stared at the monster, the air shaken by its vicious howl, then like the guardian angel she was, Elissa flashed by swinging her sword to cut the tentacle in half.

“Scramble girl, go, go, go.”

Rosie ripped the remaining coil from her body, throwing it aside as she returned to her dive.  The light now rushed towards her and glancing back over her shoulder, she saw two more scrowlers descending, yellow eyes fixed on her, their bodies spreading like undulating blankets, their tentacles reaching towards her.  For seconds she saw Elissa dart between them, cutting with her sword, then her friend disappeared as Rosie hurtled into the light portal and the passage to her own world.  She heard the scrowlers crash against the entrance, their body mass too big to follow.

“Elissa,” she shouted and then thumped on to the dormitory floor to look up at the underside of her mattress.  “Elissa,” she whispered.

“You all right?” Paula asked from the bed beside Rosie’s.

“Yeah, sure.”  Rosie stood and rubbed a bruised arm.  “Had a bad dream, that’s all.”

“I’ll say.  You were shouting your head off.”  The girl turned over and snuggled down.

Rosie calmed her breath and slipped off her trainers before sliding under her own duvet.  For minutes she lay in darkness, listening intently.  In her mind she whispered Elissa’s name, calling her over and over, but Elissa did not answer.

The Witch's Shadow

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