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The Witch’s Shadow, the 2nd in the Mind Traveller series, is available now from Amazon.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is another extract from Chapter 2.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Extract from Chapter 2

“I’m confused.  How can I read my mother’s diaries when they’re at home in Haston Manor?  My Uncle Hugo forbade me to read them till I’m eighteen.  Though I admit, I have sneaked a couple of views.”  She looked down at the ground.  “And used my iPad to photograph lots of pages.  Especially the last diary so I could find out what happened.  Except I didn’t read too much because, well…”   She shrugged her shoulders.  “I don’t like to deceive Uncle Hugo.”  She looked to Elissa who stroked her in angelic understanding.

“Then you have them, your mother’s last diaries.  So if you want to help save your world from the Dark Angels, if you want to finish your mother’s mission regarding the White Dove, I suggest you get reading soon as possible.”  One arm produced a huge cake which the head began to eat.  “But don’t forget your main mission to find Livinia and release Tiago.  We didn’t spend weeks influencing your uncle by using subliminal hypnosis over the internet for nothing.  There is a reason why you must visit Southwold in Suffolk.  And it’s not to play on the pier or write your school essay on Southwold’s history.”

“You influenced me to pick that subject, how?” Rosie asked.

“Subliminal psychotic induction, particularly via the Web, is a modern and useful influence over the unaware,” the head said and munched another bite of cake.

“That’s secret hypnosis, that’s sneaky.”

“I’m a sneaky sort of person.  But it’s covered by the Manual.  Of course, the SAS will give you what help they can.”  He screwed up his face.  “Except out of Mind Space in the parallel worlds, that help is limited.  Fortunately the same applies to Gizeda and the Dark Angels.  I do know this, a fragment of the White Dove is also in the vicinity of Southwold.  Your mother hid it there, her diaries will tell you.  Just don’t take it through Mind Space, it’s far too dangerous.  Enemies of the Light are everywhere.  Now off you go, there is no time to lose.”

“On my own!”  Rosie looked up at the head.  “Why me?  There must be others Mind Travellers”

“Not that many and they’re all busy.  In your sector you’re the only one available.  For goodness sake, we’re in the middle of a war.  Besides, Elissa is always around.  The good are never far away.  So, get on with it.”

“Elissa can’t be everywhere.  Give us a chance.”

The head huffed breath and rolled its eyes.  “OK, OK, I’ll let you have Sid.”

“Sid?  Who’s Sid?”

“Who’s Sid, everyone knows Seagull Sid,” the head exclaimed and disappeared.  The bulbous green body sank into the hole like a deflating balloon, leaving a globule of gunge the size of a tennis ball.

Her mind in turmoil, Rosie turned to Elissa and raised both hands.  “I don’t even know where to start,” she said to the angel, “and where’s this Sid?”

“Here,” said the ball of gunge which looked like pooh.

“Yuck.  And what are you meant to be?”

“Well thank you very much,” the gunge said.  “I’ll have you know I’m Seagull Sid and can mould myself into anything.  But I’m best at seagulls, hence the name.”  With that the ball popped and vanished.

“This is typical of them that make the rules,” Elissa said.  “They ask the impossible, give you what looks like pooh, then clear off.  So,” she put her hands on her hips, “OK, let’s get the dove sorted, then we can concentrate on our main mission.  Your iPad with copies of your mother’s diaries.  You got it?”  She reached out her hand.

“No.  It’s at school, by my bed.  I didn’t think I’d need an iPad in Mind Space.”

“Humans, humans.”  Elissa shook her head.  “I just hope Gizeda hasn’t sent one of her creppins to steal it.  Creppins might be stupid but they have full mobility in the parallel worlds.”  She crossed to a window and peered cautiously out.

“What about the scrowler creatures?” Rosie asked.

“Well, they’re a law until themselves.  Where Gizeda can’t go, they can.  Problem is, they know you’re here and they’ll be waiting.  See that glimmer down there?” She pointed to a faint light far below in the mist of clouds.  “That’s a portal to your world, not your standard time lift, just a direct escape tube.  That’s your quickest way out of here and home.”

“It’s a long way off.”

“True, but we’re way above floor zero.  If we can pick up speed we can hopefully outrun them.”

“Hopefully,” Rosie said and squeezed the angel’s hand.  “You got to tell me, Elissa.  If I can place leap from parallel worlds and through time, could my mother have done that when her plane crashed?  Is she alive somewhere?”


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