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The Witch’s Shadow, the 2nd in the Mind Traveller series, is available now from Amazon.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is another extract from Chapter 2.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Extract from Chapter 2 

Seconds passed then a small head popped from the top as if it had exploded from within.  The bubbly rubber gradually formed a long nose, two bulging eyes, a wide mouth and droopy ears.

“Of course I’m Grubalot,” the head said.  As if to prove the point it plunged one hand into its own body then pulled out what appeared to be a chip butty sandwich.  Holding this aloft, it stared down at Rosie as if observing a lesser creature, then took a large bite, munching as it talked.  “I’ve been waiting for you.  Page 3,000,000, 4,642 sub-section 6, paragraph 11 of the Mind Traveller’s Manual states that as a Mind Traveller child, you inherit all responsibilities subject to Health and Safety as dictated in Manual 17.”

“I do?”

“Yes.  So that makes you both a Mind Traveller and a Warrior of the Light, bound to all consequent rules and regulations.”

“It does?”  Rosie screwed up her nose.  “I’m a fifteen year old schoolgirl; not eligible to vote.”

“You’re a Mind Traveller, aren’t you, just like your mother?”

“Yes, but …”

“Then chapter 8 of sub-section 6 of the aforementioned pages clearly states you are subsequently responsible.”  The head stared down at her and took another bite of its chip butty.  “Don’t waste my time, girl.  I have an important mission for you.  Due to Prince Tiago and his main army of Cloud Riders being trapped in the Valley of Stone, your section of Mind Space is now overrun with these wretched scrowlers.  They’re eating everything, even a member of the Procedures Committee.  The situation is impossible.  The White Angels can no longer cope and the Dark Angels, to whom these creatures belong, are starting to win the Angel Wars.  I have news that Hisdrillo, leader of the Dark Angels, is preparing a major offensive.  We, I mean you, must stop him.”

“I must.  How?”  Rosie wrinkled her nose and looked to Elissa who stood shaking her head.

“Easy.”  Grubalot took another bite.  “On your last mission when you helped defeat Hisdrillo and his Grolack army, Bastet the White Witch gave you a key which will open any lock.  You collect this key then travel to Southwold, Suffolk, to the year 1672.  When Tiago was attacked and trapped three months ago his wife, Princess Livinia and her baby escaped by travelling into the parallel worlds.  They are hiding amongst the reeds in Southwold, 1672.  You must find her and take her to the Valley of Stone.  With the key you open the stone gate blocking the valley.  This will free the Cloud Riders and if Princess Livinia embraces the stone encasing her husband, her love will melt the stone.  Tiago and his Cloud Riders will then be free to drive these scrowlers back into Hisdrillo’s hell where they belong.  Having done that you will have saved the human race, helped the White Angels and made Mind Space a much safer place.”

“Is that all?” Rosie asked in a small voice.

“No.  Secondary to all this you must continue with your mother’s long term mission, to collect all fragments of the White Dove of Peace and reassemble it.  It’s now your duty to finish the job.  Once the dove is whole and flying in your section of parallel worlds it will help restore peace, so weakening Hisdrillo and the Dark Angels.  Tiago first, then the White Dove second.  Lucky for you I have arranged to combined the missions into one.  I’m good at that sort of thing.”  He took another mouthful of chip butty.

Again Rosie turned to Elissa who had stopped shaking her head and was instead biting on her lower lip.

“OK.”  She looked back to Grubalot.  “Just tell me how you expect me to do all this.”

“Easy.  Just do it.  Fortunately in the parallel worlds the Dark Angels appear to lose a lot of their brain power and common sense.  So, a bright young thing like yourself can surely outwit them.  But just be careful of Mind Space because there they have super powers.  Hence we need Prince Tiago back and hence,” he pointed a finger.  “You don’t take fragments of the White Dove there.  Too dangerous.”

“I don’t even know where fragments of the White Dove are.”

“Then read your mother’s diaries.  Because it’s too risky to take fragments into Mind Space she hid a piece at Dunwich just down the coast from Southwold,” Grubalot said before his head was suddenly sucked back into his body.  Moments later a second head popped from the side.

“Hang on, who are you?  You’re different.”

“No, I’ve never been different.  I’ve always been me,” the head said, thrusting one arm into its body to produce a large, green hamburger.  It began to eat.

“Are you Grubalot?”

“I’m eating aren’t I?  Of course I’m Grubalot.”

“So who was he, the head with the nose?”

“Grubalot.  You see, I’m me and he’s him.”


“You’re a bright girl,” the new head said.  “Quite right, Grubalot is Grubalot.”  The head pushed more food into its mouth and disappeared back into the body.  Moments later a third head popped from the opposite side.  Squinting eyes glimmered above a broad, flat nose and big mouth.

“Grubalot?” Rosie queried.

“You still here?” the head said.  “Thought I’d sent you on a mission.”


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