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The Witch’s Shadow, the 2nd in the Mind Traveller series, is available now from Amazon.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is another extract from Chapter 2.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Extract from Chapter 2 

Rosie shot through misty wisps of vapour which in turn led to a circular open space.  At the centre of this void, golden clouds clustered as if forming a rock foundation beneath a building that stretched upwards to a gleaming silver pinnacle.  At the base, black craggy metal formed the lower walls, the surface pitted with glowing portholes, the light given by flickering flames which silhouetted a heaving mass of Dark Angels.  As the tower rose, the metal changed to stone.  At first a flat, grey surface which stretched bleak and empty until at halfway, arched windows and white balconies began to appear, growing in number towards the pinnacle.

“Is this it?”  Rosie shouted.

“The Ministry of Procedures and the Library of Shadows, the place where everything in your world and all the parallel worlds is organised by them inside.  Except they keep mucking it up.  Down there,” Elissa pointed to the black metal base, “that’s where Hisdrillo and the Dark Angels, Gizeda included, hatch their wicked plans.  Centre, the Time Co-ordinator, Grubalot and the Procedures Committee make Mind Space Rules and Regulations, including Health and Safety.  Above are the White Angels and Special Angel Service, the SAS.  While at the very top,” she pointed to the silver pinnacle, “that’s where the Holy Bunch hangs out.  A right snooty lot.  Just because they’ve made Grade 1 Plus and been mentioned in despatches for exceptional behaviour, they think they know it all.  But they ain’t done half what the SAS have done.”  She poked a single finger upwards the same moment a dark shape passed over them, hovered, then stopped.

Elissa squealed, grabbed Rosie’s hand and pulled her onwards.

“What’s that?”  Rosie glanced up as they passed beneath.  Two yellow eyes looked down at her.

“One of Gizeda’s scrowlers.  She ain’t a Grade 1 Dark Angel for nothing.”

“But what does it want?”

“You.  Shift it, girl.  Can’t have this ending before it’s started.  If it eats you I’ll never get my Guardian Angel Grade 3.”

“Eat me.”  Rosie shot forward beside her friend, hearing the scrowler hiss as it dropped, spreading like a net ready to engulf them both.

Both girls screeched, hands held tight as they slipped beneath its grasp and through an arched window into the tower.  A second later the creature wrapped itself over the opening as the girls flattened themselves against the central stone column of a spiral staircase winding overhead.

One yellow, red shot eye stared through the window, while the creature sent a tentacle creeping over the floor towards them.

“Run,” Elissa yelled, dragging Rosie behind her up the steps.  At the next landing they found a large ‘O’ painted on the wall with a minus sign to the left and a plus to the right.  “Half way between good and evil,” Elissa shouted, “and not safe.”

As if to confirm her words, the creature fluttered up the outside wall to spy on them again.

Rosie needed no prompting and immediately started up the next flight, one step ahead of Elissa.  On landing number one the angel slumped back against the wall, sword in hand.  Rosie lent beside her, listening to the creature clawing in frustration, seemingly unable to climb the outer wall.

Elissa stood straight and sheathed her sword.  “Safe for now,” she said.  “The Dark Angels, their creppins and demons are all classified as negative, so can’t rise beyond floor zero.  Only the White Angels can do that, ’cos we’re good, therefore positive.”

“What about me?” Rosie asked.

“You’re OK ’cos you’re with me.  In this building, them that make the rules balance everything.  Come on, time to meet Grubalot.”  She started up the next spiralling flight.

“So negative is evil and positive is good,” Rosie said as she followed.

“Kind of.”  Elissa looked over her shoulder.  “Hisdrillo and the Dark Angels want chaos and war.  Alternatively, the White Angels want peace and tranquillity.    Until recently, Prince Tiago and the Cloud Riders guarded your sector.  The scrowlers were kept at bay.  But now that Hisdrillo has Tiago trapped in the Valley of Stone, Gizeda has her monsters everywhere, eating anyone they can grab.”

“So what am I meant to do?” Rosie asked, slightly out of breath as they reached the tenth floor.

“Sort it of course.”

“Why me? And how?”

“Ask Grubalot.  He’s the one who makes the rules.”

They stopped before a large chamber where a circle of lights surrounded a hole in the floor.  Bookshelves lined the walls from floor to ceiling, stretching upwards into a grey haze.

“What a lot of books.”  Rosie looked to where shadows flickered from one shelf to another.

“Never been allowed on this floor before,” Elissa said, standing on the threshold.  “It’s the Library of Shadows where them that make the rules hang out.  You got the Mind Traveller Manual, Health and Safety plus the Time Co-ordinator Regulations.  You’ll need to read them all to understand. ”

Rosie entered through the doorway, Elissa behind her.

“I’ll never read that lot.  No one could,” Rosie said.

“No one has, that’s why no one understands.”

Both jumped when the hole suddenly filled with a green sludge that bubbled upwards into an elongated balloon, the skin growing thicker from pulsing spurts, two of which formed into arms and hands.

Slowly retreating, both clung to each other.

“What is that?” Rosie asked, watching the slime descend into a big, fat, round jelly like body.

“I think it’s Grubalot,” Elissa answered.  “If not, we’re in trouble.”

The Witch's Shadow

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