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The Witch’s Shadow, the 2nd in the Mind Traveller series, is available now from Amazon.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is an extract from chapter 2.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Extract from Chapter 2

The Ministry of Procedures

Beneath the bedcovers Rosie held trainers to the tee-shirt she wore over grey flannel pyjamas.  About her neck hung the time locket and on her wrist a Mind Traveller’s charm bracelet, both inherited from her mother.

In the darkened dormitory she waited for Miss Swinton’s routine visit, knowing three roommates read books by torchlight beneath their quilts.  Chimes from the bell tower of St Monica’s chapel struck 10.30 and beyond the curtains, clouds closed over the moon to hide the last of its silver glow.

Rosie had no idea what Elissa intended and no idea where they were going.  To save the world seemed a little exaggerated.  No matter how determined, fifteen-year-old schoolgirls didn’t save the world without a lot of help.  Once more fear crept across her mind, only held at bay by a sense of duty and determination.

 “Are you still awake?” Elissa whispered into Rosie’s thoughts.

“Awake and ready.  Let’s not mess about.  I’m on school holiday tomorrow and you said immediate action,” Rosie whispered in return, then fell silent when footsteps sounded from the corridor.  Eyes tight shut, she heard the door open and Miss Swinton’s voice.

“Torches out, no more reading.  Come on girls, early start tomorrow.”

The teacher re-closed the door and Rosie heard the other girls shuffle bedclothes while putting their books and torches away.

“You sure this is safe?” Rosie spoke into her thoughts again.

“In Mind Space, nothing is safe.  You ready?”

Beneath the sheets Rosie slipped her trainers on and fastened the Velcro straps.

“What do I think of?” she asked.

“A great tower of a building called the Ministry of Procedures, a sort of cross between a spaceship and a castle high in the clouds.  That’s where the Time Co-ordinator has his Library of Shadows.  Also where them that make the rules live in a thing called Grubalot.”


“You’ll see. So, let’s do it.”

She tried to visualise what Elissa had described, the sky and clouds were fine but a castle like a spaceship proved more difficult.  Eyes shut, she felt a jolt and the next instant the bottom of her bed opened, dropping her into a grey shaft of light which spiralled out into white and golden clouds.  Tumbling as she fell, Rosie heard Elissa’s voice shouting over the rush of air.

“Stabilise, stabilise.  Spread your arms and fly.”

Rosie did as instructed, remembering the lessons she had been taught during her first adventure into Mind Space, where she had first joined the White Angels to become a Warrior of the Light, enabling her to do battle against the Dark Angels.  Slowly she stopped turning, the wind tearing at her face, hair and body, her arms spread like wings, her legs and feet like a tail.  Then suddenly she swooped to the left and upwards.  She could fly, she could fly.

“Elissa,” she screamed.  “I’m back, I’m back.”

“Good on you, girl.”  Elissa flew alongside, her fist clenched in victory. “So fly to that cloud formation ahead.  Inside is the Ministry of Procedures where Grubalot is waiting.

The Witch's Shadow

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