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The Witch’s Shadow, the 2nd in the Mind Traveller series, is available now from Amazon.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is an extract from the opening  chapter.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

 Extract from Chapter 1

Even as Elissa spoke, the flap of angry wings entered the cellar with the fury of a trapped crow.  A presence layered in black feathers materialised beyond the steamer trunks, its breath harsh and rasping as it turned towards them.

“Gizeda,” Elissa whispered and scrambled something from her pocket.

Metamorphosing from Dark Angel to her earthly form, Gizeda the witch crouched on her four arms and four legs, revealing the shadow of a grotesque spider, her wrinkled and scabby face turning this way and that until her eyes found Rosie.

“What do we do?” Rosie squeaked and backed away.

“Return to real time, like now,” Elissa yelled.

The witch darted forward, reaching her scaly arms for Rosie’s neck the same moment Elissa threw liquid from a small bottle.  The resulting scream resounded through the cellar as smoke and fumes fizzled through Gizeda’s garments sending her into a frantic flurry of arms and legs.

“Go, go,” Elissa yelled.

Rosie shut her eyes to concentrate on the last act of her race, on the stride which carried her to mid hurdle.  She saw the finishing line, the cheering girls.  Next instant she bowled over on the grass track, twisting instantly back to her feet, but too late to be first.

“What happened?” Miss Swinton, her housemistress asked at the finish.  “You were winning.”

“Don’t know, just tripped.”

“And jewellery is forbidden,” the teacher said, pointing to the time locket.  “One hundred lines by six tonight.”

“My lucky charm,” Rosie said, touching the necklace.

“You need speed not luck and rules are rules.”

After writing her lines, Rosie handed them in, then showered and changed into a tracksuit.  With no sign of Elissa since the race and with this new information about place leaping, only one question burned into her mind

If a Mind Traveller could place leap without wearing a time locket, had her mother and father done the same?  Doing aerobatics in a two-seater aircraft was crazy, but then her father had always been crazy.  No bodies were found, so maybe as a Mind Traveller Mum had shifted herself and Dad to Mind Space.  Maybe them that make the rules would know?  Whatever new mission they gave her, she had to find the truth.

The Witch's Shadow

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