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The Witch’s Shadow, the 2nd in the Mind Traveller series, is available now from Amazon.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is another extract from the opening chapter.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Extract from Chapter 1

“Did we throw him?” she yelled into space.

“The creppin, no problem,” Elissa shouted back.  “Just watch out for Gizeda the witch.  The creppin will report to her, she won’t like this.  Neither will Health and Safety.”

“What are we going to do?”  No answer came as Rosie found herself skidding over the cellar floor of her uncle’s manor house, bashing into a line of cabin trunks left from a time when the Haston family explored the world in steamships.

“Ouch.”  Rosie rubbed her knees and pushed herself up.  “Hey, Elissa, I did it, I did it.   I leapt from one place to another.”

“No time to mess, get your time locket.”  Elissa materialised beside her.  Around the same age as Rosie, Elissa stood with her wings neatly folded, her short blonde hair a bob of curls.  Dressed in white leggings and top under a silver breastplate, she carried a short broadsword at her waist, plus a bow and quiver of arrows on her shoulder, her whole presence casting an ethereal glow into the dark cellar.  Normally Rosie figured Elissa quite cute in an angelic, boyish sort of way, but with grazed knees and immediate danger this was no time for pleasantries.

“I thought you couldn’t materialise in real time,” Rosie said, hurrying down the line of cabin trunks in search of her mother’s old wicker school case.

“This may look like real time to you, but it’s not.  You left real time in midstride over a hurdle.  You’re still there, locked in transition between parallel zones, zones split between time, thought and resulting action.  Or more simply, the infinity of Mind Space.  I thought you were reading up on quantum mechanics?”

“Does that mean the dark side is here?”

“Gizeda the witch, her creppins, her scrowlers, the lot.  So move your backside, girl, because this angel don’t want to end as a spider in hell.”

“Why a spider?”

“Because that’s what Gizeda’s bite will turn you into.  Then as a spider you will be doomed to follow her and do whatever she demands.  She maybe conceited and stupid but she makes up for it with pure nastiness.  Her genetic makeup is from a species of venomous spiders.  Her bite is lethal.”

“That’s scary,” Rosie said as she found the basket.  “I have no key.”

Elissa produced a hairpin from her curls and in seconds the case stood open.

“A White Angel who can pick locks?”

“I’m Special Angel Service, SAS, not one of the Holy Bunch.”

Rosie grabbed up the pouch containing the locket inherited from her mother and shook the contents into her hand.  For a moment, light from Elissa’s ethereal glow reflected from the silver chain and pendant while a mild electric current circled Rosie’s palm, reminding her of the extraordinary power held within, power which allowed her to mind travel.  The same moment a door slammed in the house above and a draught flurried dust over the cellar floor.

“My uncle,” Rosie squeaked and quickly fastened the locket around her neck.

“He’s out, we’re in time past so I was able to check.  But something else just arrived and believe me, we don’t want to find out what.”

The Witch's Shadow

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