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The Witch’s Shadow, the 2nd in the Mind Traveller series, is available now from Amazon.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is an extract from the opening  chapter.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Extract from Chapter 1

Good Angels, Bad Angels

Rosie stood.  “I don’t want to get involved, I’m going on holiday,” she said, while knowing duty must now overcome fear.  “Aren’t their other Mind Travellers?”

“Not in your sector, that’s why you’re central to their plan.  That’s why in anticipation of developments they got your uncle to rent Larkins Cottage.”

Rosie leapt in the air and came down flat-footed with fists clenched.  “For goodness sake, who are they?”

“I told you, them that make the rules, consequently resulting in cause and effect.  They subconsciously influenced your uncle to book the cottage by using subliminal hypnosis over the internet.  Poor old dear thought it was all his own idea.  Humans.”  She raised barely visible arms and shook her head.

“OK, I admit it.  I don’t think I’m capable and I’m scared.  Look what happened last time, near disaster.”

“Rosie, I’ve seen you in action.  Scared or not you’ll do it.  Besides, this time there will be no boys, and you’ll have me, Grade 4, Special Angel Service.”

“Impossible.  One, I don’t have my time locket, it’s in the cellar of Haston Manor and two, I’m about to compete in the three hundred metres hurdle.”  She began running on the spot, her eyes averted to the distance.  “I can’t just walk off.”

“So you don’t want to know about mind and body relocation?  How you could pick up your locket and be back in a nanosecond?  Even if people are staring at you, no one will realise.  Remember, a nanosecond in real time is hours in Mind Space.”

“So there’s your answer, I don’t know how to relocate,” Rosie said, teeth clenched.

“Your mother did, but then she read her philosophy and quantum mechanics.  Hasn’t Uncle Hugo taught you anything?”

Rosie placed her hands on her hips, her eyes questioning, realising the possibility of being verbally manoeuvred into a corner.  “I think, therefore I am, and everything I see and experience only happens through the interpretations of my thoughts.  Without my mind, the universe I see cannot exist.”

“So,” Elissa said, her voice hinting triumph.  “In your universe where are the cellars of Haston Manor right now?”

“In my memory, in my mind.”

“Precisely, same as all the events happening around you.  They only happen by the experience of your mind, a mind that exists in the flow of time future into time past.  So being a Mind Traveller you can be in past, present and future simultaneously.”

“Exactly,” Rosie emphasized, seeing a way to turn the tables.  “So, how do I leave time present when theoretically I’m also in two other places?”

“Oh I see, being clever are we?”  Elissa flapped her wings.  “So tell me, if there are three of you in three dimensions, where does Haston Manor exist?”

“In my memory of course, in my Mind Space.”

“Excellent, because that’s how you’re able to bodily relocate; through your mind.  It’s simple, if mind and body are in future, present and past simultaneously, all you need to do is mentally disengage from this location in time present and relocate to Haston Manor in time past.  You then carry out what is necessary before re-engaging your mind with your physical body waiting in the dimension of time future, that way you flow into time present and back where you started.  Simple.”

“Simple,” Rosie repeated, her mouth open.

“Just read the Mind Traveller’s Manual.  If quantum mechanics can have a photon in two locations at the same instant, why can’t thought be in two places while still engaging with the body?  It’s what mind travel is all about.”

“Is it?”

“So let’s try it.”  Elissa put out her hands in encouragement.

“How do you know all this?”

“Because I’m doing my course for White Angel SAS Grade 3.  That means I attend lectures by the Time Co-ordinator and reading up in the Library of Shadows.”

Rosie swung her arms in agitation.  “You’re worse than Uncle Hugo.  Look, I’m going to concentrate everything on this race.  I can’t back out, my team is relying on me, and that’s final.”

“Centred, focussed, great, because to place leap concentration is paramount.  Your mother knew that.  I’m told she was brilliant, used to place leap just for the fun of it.”

Rosie sensed her fear start to curl and evaporate.  “Who told you that?  I’ve never heard that before.”  She took a step towards the apparition.  “If she could place leap, what about from a crashing aeroplane?”

The Witch's Shadow

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