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The Mind Traveller series book 2, The Witch’s Shadow, will be published on Amazon and Kindle tomorrow, 4th June.  To give you a taste, here is the final extract from Chapter 2 of The Mind Traveller.

Extract from CHAPTER 2 

She didn’t want to answer.  Instead she stood and gave Uncle Hugo a hug, one question churning on her lips.  The one question she could never ask without betraying the letter.  Why had her mother written it?  She must have known something was going to happen.  “I’m off to the woods.  Maybe I can meet a ground spirit by the old oak.”

“As you wish.”

She watched him sag a little and she scraped a foot on the path, her thumbs hooked in her pockets.  “But I’m intrigued by inner space and time dilation.  Sometime, will you explain them to me?  I’ll do my summer essay on quantum mechanics.  That’ll make my teachers sit up.”

He smiled then.  “Certainly, my little contessa.  Then maybe we can put ground spirits to rest.  Quantum mechanics is far more outrageous.”

Siggy at her feet, Rosie left the vegetable garden and entered the meadow beyond.  A dozen cows munched lazily beneath the warm sun and with arms stretched she flipped two cartwheels then looked up at the clear blue sky, up to where the huge raven circled on silent wings.

“I don’t like you,” she whispered to herself, watching it descend across the meadow in a long downward glide.   Siggy pressed against her ankles.  “It’s heading for the old oak.  If only you were big enough you could see it off,” she said to the cat, at the same time catching sight of a stunted figure scurrying through the field close to where the raven passed.  “And now a trespasser trampling the corn.”  She looked down at Siggy and found him with arched back, his tail rigid.  “We need to challenge this fellow, only an ignoramus would walk on a growing crop.”  She put her fists on her hips as Siggy drew back.  “Look super cat, no one puts a hand on Rosie Barcelos, OK.”  She cartwheeled, sprang into a backward somersault then leapt to deliver a double drop kick.  “I do kick-boxing at school, year champion.”  Siggy looked unimpressed.  “All right, I’ll be careful.  But we’re on a mission, so let’s go,” she said, stepping out.

Siggy stayed close as she reached the shadows of Haston Manor woods, a wide band of trees bordering the perimeter of the walled estate.  Movement caught her eye.  Something flitted like a dark shadow, then was gone.  She moved closer to investigate.  At the same time a loud, frantic flapping of wings sounded from the tree behind, as if monster birds fought over a perch.  Rosie turned but she couldn’t see any birds and no wind stirred the leaves.  She shivered and watched a single black feather float to the ground, long, curved and shiny.  Out of nowhere and so unreal it drew her closer, until curiosity made her reach to pick it up.

“Don’t touch.”  The girl’s voice came sharp and sudden across her mind.  Siggy shied away.

“You hear that?” she said to him, edging round the feather.  “Flower child or what?  Someone shouted at me.”  But Siggy stood, hackles raised, fur standing rigid while he stared at a figure lurking in the trees twenty metres away.

Rosie stepped back and balled her fists.  The guy was short and bullish with a square face, grey rubbery skin, yellow eyes and pointed ears; more goblin than person.  He beckoned her.

“Now, that is definitely a weirdo,” she said to Siggy as she retreated another step.  Not taking her eyes from the trespasser, she realised she was alone in the woods with the high tower of Haston Manor a long way off.

“Come to us, Rosie.”  A gravelly voice entered her thoughts and again the creature beckoned.

“So maybe we exercise caution here.”   She glanced to the cat.  “Better let Mr Cranshaw the estate manager sort this one.  Trespasser or bogeyman, he doesn’t look nice.”

In reply Siggy squealed and streaked off towards the Manor.  Rosie turned, glancing back to see if the thing followed, but it had vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared.  Voices in the cellar of the old house were one thing, voices and spooky men in the woods were too real.  She quickened her pace home.

The Witch's Shadow

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