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The Mind Traveller series book 2, The Witch’s Shadow, will be published on Amazon and Kindle on 4th June.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is a short description and an extract from Chapter 2 of The Mind Traveller.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Rosie enters Mind Space and the angel wars where Bugala the Dark Angel fights the Knights of Lousã to conquer the Land of Light.

Aided by Elissa of the Special Angel Service and the Dragon Queen, Rosie and her pals must turn the war against the Dark Angel, his monsters and demons or they will cross Mind Space and invade planet Earth.

As sand in the Mind Traveller’s locket runs out, Rosie knows she has little time to complete her mission, or stay trapped in Mind Space forever.

Mind Space, where time future slips to time past through time present, the place of transition where all time must exist yet does not exist except in our minds.

Extract from CHAPTER 2 

“My little contessa, that was last century.  Instead of witches and ground spirits we now have quantum mechanics, time dilation and inner space.  Call it new age philosophy.”

“With new age flower children,” Rosie said.  “Now that’s cool.”

When they came to the rows of organic tomatoes Uncle Hugo’s shoulders relaxed and he nodded in satisfaction.  Rosie sat on the steps and rested her elbows on her knees, chin in hands.  She loved Haston Manor with its high tower, the woods, the meadows, the lake.  She loved them because her mother grew up here and surely her spirit remained.  Sometimes she became scared she might forget her mother’s face, her smile.  Eight years was a long time without parents.  She had photos, but photos grew old.  They couldn’t give the warmth of a hug or the laugh of Rosie’s father as he hoisted her onto his shoulders.

“Tell me again about my parents,” she said.  “Please, Uncle.”

He looked up then.  “Are you troubled, Rosie?”

She shrugged and screwed up her face.  “No, it’s just one of those times when I think of Mum and Dad.  It happens, creeps up on me, like they’re here, but not here, you know.”   Again she shrugged.  “Ghosts.”

“What’s past is past,” he said.

“But the past always affects the future.  Tell me, please.”

Uncle Hugo shuffled his feet and sighed.   “Your mother was beautiful and when she married your father the whole of society turned out to see the Count and Contessa de Barcelos.  What a magnificent couple, such style, such glamour, such tragedy that they died so young.”  His voice faltered and he sat beside her.  “Speed, it’s all your father thought of.  Planes, cars, boats, motorbikes.  Somehow, one day, it seemed inevitable they should crash.”

“Speed killed my mother,” Rosie said.  “Doing aerobatics in a small plane is dangerous, even if they were over the sea.”

“Your mother had adventure and your father constantly took risks.”

“One too many.  He had no right to do that.   They had no right to leave me, I was only six.”  She took a deep breath, her body rigid.

“Accidents happen when least expected.  People believe they have control.”  He sighed.  “But … no.  Fate controls.”

“So maybe they didn’t die, their bodies were never found.  Maybe instead they escaped by parachute … maybe.”

“Rosie, they are dead.”

The Witch's Shadow

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