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The Mind Traveller series book 2, The Witch’s Shadow, will be published on Amazon and Kindle on 4th June.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is a short description and an extract from Chapter 2 of The Mind Traveller.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Rosie enters Mind Space and the angel wars where Bugala the Dark Angel fights the Knights of Lousã to conquer the Land of Light.

Aided by Elissa of the Special Angel Service and the Dragon Queen, Rosie and her pals must turn the war against the Dark Angel, his monsters and demons or they will cross Mind Space and invade planet Earth.

As sand in the Mind Traveller’s locket runs out, Rosie knows she has little time to complete her mission, or stay trapped in Mind Space forever.

Mind Space, where time future slips to time past through time present, the place of transition where all time must exist yet does not exist except in our minds.

Extract from CHAPTER 2

“Something spooked Siggy.  I heard footsteps over the floorboards,” she said in half-truth.  “Every school holiday I come home, but I never felt anything spooky before.”

“That’s because Haston Manor is a friendly place.”  He came round the desk.  “A walk you say, let’s pick tomatoes for our pizza.”  He indicated the door as if the subject was closed.  Rosie pressed on.

“So Mum never talked of spirits or voices?”

He laughed in that cuddly bear manner which always hid some truth.  “Rosie, my dear, your mother and grandmother were both hippy flower children of the most flamboyant kind.  Talk to spirits, my goodness, they danced with them in the woods.  Tree spirits, ground spirits, spirits of the natural universe.  Only on the female side of course, Haston men are quite normal.”  He opened the door and Siggy darted ahead.

Rosie drew herself to her full height, her female ancestors were precious, but she shrugged, so was Uncle Hugo.  By his side she crossed the vast entrance hall of Haston Manor, hearing the echoes of her mum and grandma, wild flower children dancing over the flagstone floor.  Yeah, that she liked.

“Come on, Uncle, you’re a country man, you must believe in the spirits of nature.”

“Talking to trees and ground spirits won’t get the roof of this house fixed.”

“But it might get you better organic tomatoes.”

“Humbug,” he said as she watched him collect his Panama hat perched on an old suit of armour.  Siggy darted round their feet until the studded oak door of Haston Manor swung open, then he streaked off, rolling and scampering in the hot summer sun.

“Mad cat, still thinks it has four legs.”  Uncle Hugo clasped hands behind his back.

“I wish I could make it true,” Rosie said, crossing the terrace and following him down curving steps into the formal gardens.   She imagined her mother as a girl skipping along these same paving stones, playing here, falling, crying, laughing.

“How did Mum become a flower child?” Rosie asked while opening the door to the walled vegetable garden, seeing Siggy shoot past to hide amongst the cabbages.

“By having a hippy mother.  Of course, as I said, Father and I were far too sensible for such nonsense.”

“Of course.”  Rosie looked up at her uncle with his hat, his grey curly hair and red bowtie; always red, never another colour.  “So, if you become a hippy by having a hippy mother, who also had a hippy mother, then I’m a hippy too.  I wonder if she heard whispering voices, warnings from the ground spirits.”


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