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The Mind Traveller series book 2, The Witch’s Shadow, will be published on Amazon and Kindle on 1st June.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is a short description and an extract from Chapter 1 of The Mind Traveller.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Rosie enters Mind Space and the angel wars where Bugala the Dark Angel fights the Knights of Lousã to conquer the Land of Light.

Aided by Elissa of the Special Angel Service and the Dragon Queen, Rosie and her pals must turn the war against the Dark Angel, his monsters and demons or they will cross Mind Space and invade planet Earth.

As sand in the Mind Traveller’s locket runs out, Rosie knows she has little time to complete her mission, or stay trapped in Mind Space forever.

Mind Space, where time future slips to time past through time present, the place of transition where all time must exist yet does not exist except in our minds.


The footsteps moved to the left, she figured to the library, panicking her thoughts.   Stay away from the servants’ hall, please, please.  She climbed the steps, shushing Siggy away as she locked the cellar door and placed the key back in its hiding place.  Siggy at her heels, she crept down the hall, peeked into the massive kitchen then quickly crossed the floor and went up the rear servants’ staircase to her room at the front of the house.

Inside she puffed out breath and looked down at Siggy who stared back, head to one side.  “OK, cat, so this time we made it, but I still need answers.  I have a lively imagination and was running scared, but voices in my head?”

In the bathroom she brushed cobwebs from her short, dark hair then changed her top.  Washing hands and face she stared into the mirror, her mind churning as Siggy brushed her ankles. “It’s fine for you, Mr Cat, you don’t have divided loyalties.    Uncle Hugo is precious and the last of Mum’s family.  I listen to him and he tells me no diaries until I’m eighteen.  I read my mother’s letter and she says accept your fate.  So what’s the big deal in the diaries?  Which way do I go without upsetting Uncle Hugo, must I sneak behind his back?”  She raised both hands.

“Come to us, Rosie.”   The voice crowded into her mind, rasping and harsh. “Don’t care for others, only for yourself.”

Rosie yelped and ran back to the bedroom while Siggy darted beneath a chair.

“Ghosts,” she whispered.  “Got to be.  Where are they coming from?”

“No ghosts, Rosie.  ’S OK, I’m here too.”  The soft girlish voice floated through her thoughts, the same voice which had declared her not ready.

“Who’s there?” she asked, hands over ears, her thoughts tumbling in confusion.  What was this?  She didn’t do drugs or alcohol, had done nothing wrong, only read her mother’s letter and did what she asked.  She took out her iPhone, Uncle Hugo’s present on her birthday.  Rosie swallowed, switched to photos then silently mouthed the words she read from the top line.

Beware of Hisdrillo, the Dark Angel, beware of his creppins.

She immediately switched off and quickly pushed the phone back into her pocket.  Turning to the tall window overlooking the formal gardens of Haston Manor, she felt the warm sun on her face and drew in the scent of flowers and fresh cut grass, breathing deeply until calm.  Shoulders back, hands pressed in a gesture of meditation she felt at peace until a shadow passed the window and a large black raven glided to a nearby tree.  Flurrying wings the creature settled on a branch where it stared across at her with yellow, beady eyes.

“They’re here, Rosie,” the girl’s voice said.  “Be careful.”

“Who’s here?  Are you ghosts?”  One person would know.  She ran out of the room.


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