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The Mind Traveller series book 2, The Witch’s Shadow, will be published on Amazon and Kindle on 1st June.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is a short description and another extract from Chapter 1.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Rosie enters Mind Space and the angel wars where Bugala the Dark Angel fights the Knights of Lousã to conquer the Land of Light.

Aided by Elissa of the Special Angel Service and the Dragon Queen, Rosie and her pals must turn the war against the Dark Angel, his monsters and demons or they will cross Mind Space and invade planet Earth.

As sand in the Mind Traveller’s locket runs out, Rosie knows she has little time to complete her mission, or stay trapped in Mind Space forever.

Mind Space, where time future slips to time past through time present, the place of transition where all time must exist yet does not exist except in our minds.

Extract from Chapter 1

Torch grasped in fists beneath her chin, elbows pressed in tight, she again moved forward, listening to the flurry of wings stirring from dark vaults.  Too big for a moth, so it had to be … “Please don’t let it be,” she whispered to herself.  The words in her mother’s letter found amongst the belongings she’d received on her fourteenth birthday helped her to scrape raw courage.

Because you are next in line, they will come for you, Rosie, calling, enticing, challenging, daring; the dark ones and the white ones.  The oak knows.

The words baffled her, making her wonder just what her mother had been doing.  But the instructions were clear.

Take the time locket and use it.  Uncle Hugo will hide it with my diaries in the cellar until your eighteenth birthday.  He means well, but he is a non-believer.  Fate calls you, Rosie, as it called me and your grandmothers.  Like us, you have no choice, you must answer.

“Yes, Mum,” she squeaked for encouragement.  “But I can hear bats.  I hate bats more than spiders.”

“Not ready.”  The words again entered her mind as if spoken by some inner spirit, the same voice which had previously given warning, a girl’s voice, slightly breathless.  “They’re watching,” it said, “waiting.”

For what?   Her thoughts in confusion, she peered into the shadows, standing on tiptoe, arms clenched to her body.  Who’s watching?

“Join us, Rosie.”   A second voice flushed and slithered through her thoughts.  “Be Princess of Darkness.”

“Time, Rosie,” the girl’s voice returned.  “Six minutes.”

“No.”  Rosie spoke loud and determined as she dropped back on her heels.  “This is crazy, I’m not mad.  Go away whoever you are, get out of my brain.”  She darted the torch beam, slashing darkness with the sweep of a sabre, marching forward to brush the cobwebs aside thinking, I’m on a mission.  I’m not scared.  I’m not scared of anything, you hear?   Passing chambers racked with wine, chambers where only brave Uncle Hugo, bats and dark things ventured, she kept herself centred.

Fourth vault on the left, her mother’s letter had instructed.  Look for my old school case.  Inside you will find my diaries and the locket.  You can go nowhere without the time locket, collected when our ancestors explored the ancient mysteries of India.

Time locket.  She shook her head.  This is getting extreme.  Just what had her mother been doing with something called a time locket?  Yeah, OK, some kind of game … or something crazy.


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