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The Mind Traveller series book 2, The Witch’s Shadow, will be published on Amazon and Kindle on 1st June.  To give you a flavour of Rosie’s adventures into Mind Space here is a short description and opening of Chapter 1.

Extracts will continue every Wednesday and Saturday.

Rosie enters Mind Space and the angel wars where Bugala the Dark Angel fights the Knights of Lousã to conquer the Land of Light.

Aided by Elissa of the Special Angel Service and the Dragon Queen, Rosie and her pals must turn the war against the Dark Angel, his monsters and demons or they will cross Mind Space and invade planet Earth.

As sand in the Mind Traveller’s locket runs out, Rosie knows she has little time to complete her mission, or stay trapped in Mind Space forever.

Mind Space, where time future slips to time past through time present, the place of transition where all time must exist yet does not exist except in our minds.



Rosie unlocked and pushed open the cellar door, the sound of creaking hinges prompting a shiver of fear and guilt.  No other movement stirred the house.  She calculated Uncle Hugo’s visit to the garden might last ten minutes.  Ten minutes to unlock her mother’s secrets, ten minutes to discover if her parents were dead or hiding, and if hiding, then from what?

“OK Mum, here I go,” she whispered and descended the steps.

“Don’t.  You’re not ready.”  When the words entered her head she sensed herself murmuring the same, words that bounced into her skull without thoughts of her own.

“What?” she said aloud and banged the heel of her hand against her head.  Looking back to the door she saw Siggy, the three-legged cat, shuffling in retreat, fur bristling.   “So I’m talking to myself, that’s all.  Nerves, nerves,” she repeated.  Siggy froze, his back rigid, his green eyes staring into hers.

In the cellar tunnel Rosie suppressed a tremor, drew back her shoulders and moved into the brick bowels of Haston Manor.  Torch beam poking pathetically at pitch blackness, she went forward with determination, that is until something brushed over her face and hair.  Startled by her squeal, a creature fluttered in panic.  Rosie moved back a pace and lifted her torch to the lace of hanging cobwebs.  Small bodies crept from the light while large ones stayed motionless, encrusted with the dust of ages.

Spiders, she hated spiders.  She checked her watch.  Only nine minutes remained, only nine minutes to find secrets from the past.


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