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“I think, therefore I am,” said Rene Descartes.

So after reading my last blog, just where are you doing this thinking?  Time present is lost in the infinity of transition between future and past, a segment of time which is mentally conceivable but mathematically impossible.

Just imagine the time phases which occur when you blink.  Immediately before commencement of that blink you are in time future, commencement is time present, transferred instantly to time past, the duration of a blink constantly passing from future to past.  So, if we are aware of that blink, are we mentally in future, present and past simultaneously? Then if our minds can be in future, present and past through the duration of a blink, could our physical presence which is created by our minds, also co-exist in three time zones?  Remember, past is memory, future imagination and present only our mental interpretation through a time spasm which mathematically cannot exist.


Hence my series of young adult books called The Mind Traveller, where Rosie ventures into Mind Space and the parallel worlds http://tinyurl.com/njld54r


What I want to know is why my pint keeps disappearing so quickly. But if I am in three dimensional time zones, perhaps I can travel back and taste it all again.

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