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Does time exist or is it purely a mental concept used to control our lives?

Many see time as the ticking of a clock with time present a constant factor.  But does time present even exist?

Think of this, time has three segments.  Future, present and past.  So where are we, here and now?  So where is here and now?

In The Mind Traveller, Uncle Hugo asked Rosie that very question, to which she answered, “Now is now.”  http://tinyurl.com/njld54r


“Then think of this,” Uncle Hugo replied.  “If time is represented by a river flowing passed, and directly in front of us is a line from bank to bank which we call present, where is present?”

“Straight down the middle of that line,” Rosie said.

“OK, so let’s stretch that middle by a hundred miles.  Where is present now?”

“In the middle.”

“So stretch it by a thousand miles and so on ad infinitum, over and over.”

What Uncle Hugo is saying is that time present, that place were we all exist, is where time future transposes into time past, but because time present is forever compressed into infinity by the continual division of future and past, then it cannot possibly exist, except at the ultimate end of infinity, which is impossible.

So, we assume our existence to be in time present but if time present cannot exist except at the end of infinity, where does that leave us?



Now let’s make sense from that.  If time future exists only in our imagination, time past only in our memories, time present only in our individual mental interpretations of the passing instant, where future transposes into past, then mentally we are all in three time zones simultaneously.  So, are you really here and now?

See what happens when you stare up at the stars and let your mind travel.

Think I’ll have another pint and watch the football.

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