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More about the strangers within, the beautiful and dark characters who lurk around the mind.  And just because you don’t write doesn’t mean they are not there.  You’ll find them in nightmares, daydreams, popping from your subconscious into your imagination.

Each person in this world is unique, with their own set of fears, loves, ambitions and prejudices.  Sure, many are regimented through mass indoctrination by religion, politics and greed, not to mention subliminal hypnotic induction (read The Unseen http://tinyurl.com/c3yjc9l) but most still retain elements of individuality and consequently, the different strangers within.

Knowing the strangers in their subconscious is essential for writers.  From the depth of my imagination I bring forth sadistic killers, mad men, those who lust for death and those who murder for greed and arrogance.  All are characters born from my mind and waiting to cross into the reader’s mind.  And no, I don’t drink a pint of blood every day before breakfast.  Yet these dark creatures live within me.  I must know them, understand their motivations.  If I don’t achieve this depth of intimacy, I cannot portray such characters to the reader, who will then feel cheated.


Many of my characters are female.  To portray the female person in mind and body I must adopt a female persona.  Not always easy for the male writing about female, neither for female portraying males.  It all depends how you were indoctrinated as a child and what social environments you have lived in.  As a child I was told men were men and women were glad of it.  Yo, ho, ho and bottle of rum etc.  But later I became a free thinker, an explorer of the imagination and someone who always questioned what I had been told.  Which is one reason why I became a writer.

That brings me back to the occasions of adopting the opposite gender while writing.  For me this has provided a number of inner revelations that perhaps the genders are more mentally and physically aligned than some would preach.  Sure, procreation calls for physical differences but the mental differences are purely conditioning to achieve social acceptance.  Overcome that difference and a writer can portray opposite gender in much greater intimacy.


In my crime thriller, The Uncounted, about human trafficking, my heroine Jelena is forced through the horrors of modern slavery but her mental and physical strength keeps her above her male tormenters.  I could only portray that by mentally becoming Jelena, not easy, but not impossible.

In my thriller, The Unwanted, both assassins for Directus Iurisdictio, a vigilante organisation, are female.  Mentally strong and physically able, social conditioning places them above suspicion because they are looked upon as female therefore silly and weak.  One is even a transgender male.  Yet both prove to be mentally and physically stronger than their male colleagues.  Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum, etc, etc.

Now do you see how many strangers hide within the writer’s mind, both male and female, good and bad?

Anyone for pink Champagne?

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Read The Uncounted http://tinyurl.com/d7zspq2 

Read The Unwantedhttp://tinyurl.com/mbx2fht

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