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Across the world the divide between those who have and those who have not, never seems to lessen.  The curses of disease, famine and war always circle over humanity.  For many, disease is slowly being controlled but with a long road still to travel.  Famine arises from drought and man’s indifference to man while war arises from the power lust of a few.

In my young adults’ book, The Witch’s Shadow, Lady Lucy says “War be the stupidity of kings and greed.”

True, except in modern times, instead of kings there are dictators, corrupt politicians and religious fanatics.  Stir in their craving for wealth and power over the masses and it’s not surprising the result is war.  Unfortunately, such horror usually falls on the poor and down trodden with the West acting as policeman, throwing in help against the fanatics and the dictators.

war victims

But for those in the West who sit before their computers with full belly and bank account, beware.  The fanatical few can still ensnare you.  A new and dark element has entered the Internet via the use of subliminal psychotic induction (SPI) or subliminal hypnosis transmitted over the Internet.

SPI was widely used in the West during the mid 20th century with subliminal advertising on TV and in cinemas, until it was made illegal in America.  Subliminal hypnosis is implemented by images or words repeatedly flashed on a screen so fast they do not register with the conscious mind, but are picked up by the subconscious mind.  Buy this product, buy that product, be afraid.  In result some people felt scared without knowing why.  During the interval or in the supermarket next day they bought goods advertised under SPI, thinking their need for the product was their own decision.  They had been influenced by mass subliminal hypnosis but what if the message had been, vote for this politician, obey the police, pay your taxes, go to war.  Scary.  No wonder it was made illegal. Think of the influence it would have on children and the unaware.   I say this because SPI has returned via the Internet.  Any person who stares at a computer, iPad or phone screen can be affected.

Internet security is notoriously fragile.  Hackers do damage to multinational companies, banks, even a country’s security.  I have tried to highlight the dangers in my crime fiction novel, The Unseen, available on Amazon and Kindle.

If hackers can enter your computer the quantity of subliminal messages they might leave is horrendous to imagine.  Drive to an isolated location, set fire to a school, kill your neighbour.

Not everyone is affected.  If you don’t want to do something then subliminal hypnosis will not make you do it, but if you’re uncertain, even without opinion on the request, then you may well do it, even if you cannot reason why.masses.jpg

Imagine how it could affect a nation if a government began to use SPI via a big service provider.  What if politicians were subjected to SPI, what outrageous laws could be passed?  What if your child or other family member became a victim?  You cannot defend yourself against something you don’t even know exists.  Unrealised mental indoctrination can affect everyone.  But of course no government would use it on the masses, would they?

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