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First buy yourself a drink because if you think deeply and expand on what follows, you’re going to need it, maybe a large one.

How do you prove you exist?  Not so daft as it sounds because only your own mind confirms your existence.  The 17th century French philosopher, René Descartes arrived at this belief with the statement “I think therefore I am.”

I can accept that. If you think, then you exist.  You see the world, the stars, the mountains, all exist within the sphere of your mental senses.  However, that leaves a question.  I think therefore I am doesn’t prove anybody else exists, save through your own intellectual interpretations giving them existence.

Does one even have a bodily existence?  Is the universe and all it contains the invention of your mind?  Perhaps you are no more than a mental entity floating somewhere favourable to your survival.

Imagine, without you mind, for you, the whole universe, the human race, everything bar nothing, would not be real.  Lying out in the desert staring up at a trillion stars is a great environment for contemplating such thoughts.  When searching over the heavens, all seems possible.


It’s where I first had ideas about settings for my Mind Traveller series, where Rosie ventures into Mind Space and joins the White Angels in their war against the Dark Angels.  And here’s another thought, if you are the singular thinking entity in your universe, you are also responsible for all good and evil in that universe, for without you, the universe you see cannot exist.  Everything depends on your mind.


So, if you want to change the world all you have to do is do it.  Come on, rid the world of poverty. Did it happen? No.  So if you’re the only thinking entity in the universe it means you’re not in control of your mind.  Better buy yourself a drink because if you’re not in charge of you mind, who is?

I think therefore I am.  But could it just be someone else is also thinking that?  Which means you’re not Master of the Universe after all, or maybe each of us has our own universe with each affecting the others’ brains.

I should never have drunk that last beer.

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