James McKenna's new crime fiction title released June 10th 2013

James McKenna’s new crime fiction title released June 10th 2013

As a crime writer I am a great fan of self-publishing. The reason? Well, self-published volumes now make up 20% of titles in crime, SF, romance and humour electronic books which were sold last year in the UK alone.

How do I know this? I have been rooting around in the new market research carried out by Bowker Market Research. Mind you it’s not a statistic I want to shout about particularly as only 2% of books bought are e-books.

E-book crime sales are still rising slowly

However, taking lies and damned statistics as my phrase of choice and focussing on adult fiction and non-fiction then e-books compose 14% of sales. Yet SF, crime, humour and romance actually account for 20%. The research is done by interviewing 3000 purchasers every month.

Whatever the why, wherefores, figures and trend, writing in the digital age has finally arrived and everyone can now publish with relative ease. What happens after self-publishing is another matter entirely. I will deal with that in a later bog post.

This week, as author James McKenna I am publishing my latest book The Unwanted

I am also releasing a children’s book (which just for any statistician reading this) accounts for 3% of e-book sales. There has been much commentary regarding self –publishing as it is such a phenomenon. Andrew Franklin who is the managing director of publishing company Profile Books vented his spleen at a recent Literary Consultancy Conference entitled Writing in the Digital Age. For more information, click here.

What he had to say was definitely thought-provoking and some of it I actually agreed with. Yes, some people think self-publishing might give them fame and fortune. Well, it might, but it does mean that titles are written, completed, designed and published which is an achievement in itself and shouldn’t be underestimated. It also has to be promoted and that is where self-publishing competes with the money a publishing house will spend.

Book publishing always has been, is and always will be exciting. I enjoy all the boo ha ha that goes with the publicity and have really enjoyed linking up with all my Facebook fans and keeping abreast with all the re-tweets and so on surrounding the publication date. If you want to join the community then click here.

On the other hand you might just want to look up James McKenna The Unwanted on Amazon and get a hold of it in its first week of publication click here. I am really looking forward to reading your reviews.