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In crime fiction manuscripts, editors can be critical about relying on coincidence as a plot driver.  Yet isn’t coincidence a fabulous thing?  It is said that life is stranger than fiction and sometimes you ‘couldn’t make it up’!  Why do I write this? Well, this week I have been fascinated by an article I read on the Mail Online.

The article concerned a job advert.  Nothing spectacular about that.  However it was a vacancy for a ‘digital network exploitation analyst.’  This is actually an internship.  That is also non-controversial.  Yet it comes at a time when the National Security Agency, as it is they who are advertising, is surrounded by controversy and an element of fear and anger.

Digital snooping is what is exorcising people globally.

Do you ever know who is listening in on the phone, on email or has hacked any number of social media accounts?  I wrote some time back about how technology is compromising crime fiction plots.  But hey; in fact they also generate so many more interesting ideas to write about.  This makes me think that with the progress of technology perhaps I should add a sequel to my crime fiction thriller, The Unseen, because if they can go into your media site without your knowledge, they can also plant subliminal psychotic suggestions to subliminally influence you brain.  Scary!  It is.

NSA collects information usually covered by privacy policies

Anyway, should you choose to apply for this internship you will learn about both discovery skills and their resulting analysis.  It would be fascinating.  I wish I could apply as NSA is currently being criticised for using and exploiting all kinds of data collected digitally which would normally be protected by privacy policies.  Think what you might discover!

Would you trust them in a crime fiction thriller?

When you consider that every type of account from YouTube to Skype, Google, Yahoo and all points between are under surveillance it is worrying.  Therefore a company that cannot coordinate themselves when posting a simply job advert in the middle of a crisis leads to some concern.  Well, would you trust them?  After all, this is the company who works with Verizon Wireless who just happens to be the mobile phone company with the biggest clout in the US.  What have they been doing?  Well, for one, giving the NSA a list of daily phone records.

The launch of James McKenna’s The Unwanted this week

So, as I struggle for ideas concerning the plot of my next crime fiction thriller, having read this article I certainly have a million thoughts.  Meanwhile my team is gearing up for the lunch of my new crime title The Unwanted which is published on Kindle tomorrow, 10th June.  I am very excited.  You can visit the site at http://tinyurl.com/c9ultl3