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James McKenna quite likes inhabiting the nineteenth century! Unfortunately I regularly get dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first, especially when it comes to undertaking promotion for my new crime fiction title The Unwanted, which is published in paper back and on Kindle the 10th June 2013.

This week I have been pondering just what publicity opportunities exist for writers using this steam driven, new-fangled thing called social media! Actually I jest, because I really enjoy interacting with all my Twitter and Facebook followers. It has been really exciting watching the lists and likes over the last twelve month growing with the vibrancy of an electronic grapevine. James McKenna now reaches all over the globe across all continents and that’s brilliant.

So, anyone thinking about promoting a book here are a few tips to assist and I will certainly be using them to market The Unwanted this summer. I hope you really enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

James McKenna's new crime fiction title released June 10th 2013

James McKenna’s new crime fiction title released June 10th 2013

James McKenna’s Top Tips for Marketing Crime Fiction titles (and any other genre too!)

1. Use a social media management like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or new kid on the block Leadamo
To help you schedule tweets, without this it is almost impossible to manage. It also allows you to search for more leads, outlets, opportunities for engagement, publicity, fans and all points between, it really is a must have in my opinion and has done much to drive sales of my other titles, The Unseen and The Uncounted.
2. www.topsy.com is absolutely fantastic and allows me and my PR team to look right across the globe to see what is trending on Twitter allowing us to link up with all the relevant people in our crime fiction niche.
3. Certainly much publicity material will be going on Tumblr as it’s great to post graphic postings to ring the changes.
4. Facebook – well, it gives me a great way to engage, keep up, post all kinds of feeds and generally keep James McKenna crime fiction writer in the news feed. If you don’t have a business page then get one now!
5. YouTube is so popular these days and many people enjoy watching videos. The James McKenna publicity machine has made use of YouTube and the traffic has been great as a consequence. Videos can be made simply and cheaply you don’t need to employ the likes of Alfred Hitchcock. We are going to experiment with readings on Soundcloud too – so check them out.
6. Pinterest at present is a large void for the James McKenna crime fiction team but we are working on it and you should too. It is filled with all kinds of possibilities. I have added a link at the bottom of the blog for those who are interested.
7. If you really don’t have a writing life or are looking for some diversion from finishing a chapter then try Twitter Stars by Twitter Counter, Viral Heat and others. This is the way to keep your author ego massaged ha ha; however it can be somewhat addictive and keeps crime fiction writers away from their true vocation. You have been warned.
8. I have been recommended http://www.PubliSeek.com which is a service which offers PR opportunities to those in need. They provide a daily list offering ways to gain marketing opportunities and are new and upcoming and more importantly offering a free service.

Anyway, must get back to it. This is just a quick overview but there are plenty of other sites which will help you promote your books and being a crime fiction writer or author has never been more exciting or more full of possibilities. Check out Amazon to see a complete list of James McKenna crime fiction titles.

To go directly to James McKenna’s Amazon author page click: http://tinyurl.com/c9ultl3